Delicate Highlights for Short haircuts are In

Coloring short hair by the use of highlights is the simplest way of making it edgy and appealing. Regardless of you being fond of your pixie cut or desiring your short crop to get long, you are able to put in highlights and lowlights for providing your pristine do with some tone, depth, and texture. The options are endless from usual blonde highlights to platinum or hot pink.
Talking about short haircuts with highlights blonde lights on a brown base is already in trend. However, there are several less traditional short haircuts with highlights like brown and blue or teal, blonde and red, and golden blonde and rose gold and combos, among others. Below, we discuss two more styles.
Chunky highlights were among the popular short haircuts with highlights during the ’90s. While these were starkly distinct a much more delicate and, consequently, a softer take would make a great style. In this way, you can revive the ’90s look with some sophistication.
Brown isn’t boring, especially when the matter at hand is your hair. Caramel and copper highlights make your brown hair brighter. These highlights work fine on black hair also. However, they look more subtle on brown hair.